Files You Might Like


These are files that I have put together the past 10 years. Some materials are mine, some are stolen, some are from conversations with other coaches. Consider these to be just a starting point, a place to deviate from. You should be able to figure them out pretty readily.

Please understand that these are pretty much points in time from various phases and schools so what is in there might not be clear or things may be replicated. Just take it with a grain of salt.

Excel files - You will need to really poke around those as I use a lot of header/footer setups and  A LOT of formulas, mostly VLOOKUP() to reference data from one spot to another. You need to be aware of those as I try not to enter data (like player testing results, times, etc.) multiple times.

If you were to download these into a single folder they would line up by name in the way that I would organize a football program. Just my way of doing things.